The activities of Al Haj Abdul Jawadh Alim Waliyullah Trust 

1. Taking measures to proceed with the new construction works of Kattankudy-5 Badhriyyah Jummah Mosque with the financial support of the public.

2. Preaching Islamic Sufi Doctrine which is the path of non-violence for social unity and mutual understanding.

3. Granting support for the various activities carried out by the incorporated institutions the Trust.

4. Guiding the incorporated institutions by providing funds.

5. Offering alms to participants while commemorating the social and religious leaders.

6. Providing support in the divisional level development projects.

7. Organizing various educational development programmes especially for poorest as well as backward children.

8. Providing humanitarian emergency aids during the time of natural disasters and launching programmes to prevent the spread of diseases.

9. Providing various vocational trainings for the betterment of youths.

10. Constructing and reconstructing the building complexes for Madhrasas, societies and community centres.

11. Broadening activities of the Trust in collaboration with local and international organizations.