Badhriyyah Jum’ah Mosque

         This mosque was established in 1960 in a tiny hut for the sole purpose of performing five time prayers. Gradually the gathering of people in mosque for prayer, preaching and other religious engagements raised more. This situation made our management to construct this mosque bigger with all the required facilities. Thus, we have initiated the construction works of new mosque. Apart from prayer and preaching, commemorative ceremonies are held frequently in memory of Islamic great leaders and offered alms. Especially the holy Darga of the founder of this mosque His Holiness Al Haj Abdul Jawaadh Alim Waliyullah has been sited inside the mosque. Here in Darga there are the two sacred stones laid which suck the poisons from human beings who are bitten by venomous creatures. The people leave depart from the Darga after completely cured.

Al Madhrasathur Rabbaniyyah Holy Qur’aan School

The Quranic School was founded by His Holiness Al Haj Abdul Jawadh Alim Waliullah and its tasks are as follows:
a)      Preaching Islamic basic and primary Education.
b)      Teaching children to read the Holy Qur’aan correctly and methodically.
c)      Providing children with training on moral values.