Saturday, 20 March 2010

Gareeb Nawaaz Foundation

This institution which was founded in 1988 has also been registered as a non-governmental organization.


· Implementing women’s programmes on social vigilance.

· Assisting poorer students and other children for their educational development.

· Providing people with alms in relation to the remembrance days of Islamic religious leaders

· Providing youngsters-males and females with self employment opportunities by giving trainings and counseling.

· Implementing projects in conjunction with the other governmental and non-governmental organizations.
Ongoing Projects:

· Identifying areas of spreading diseases and eliminating them under shramadana scheme and also instruct 
  peoples in this regard.

· Helping women to secure permanent income from their self-employments by conducting three-month 
  sewing training project.

· Offering alms to public on the days of commemorative ceremonies of the religious leaders who rendered
   community services.

· Organizing projects on Personality development for students as well as other youngsters.

Future plans to be carried out: 

· Initiating a computer training centre to get the students ready to compete with the global challenges on 
  Computer knowledge.

· Establishing a vocational training centre for youths.

· Launching schemes to provide with drinking water, sanitary facilities and housing for needy in 
  collaboration with governmental and non-governmental organizations.