Sunday, 21 March 2010

Alhaj Abdul Jawaadh Alim Waliyyullah Trust

   Alhaj Abdul Jawaadh Alim Waliyyullah Trust is one of a leading voluntary organizations located in Kattankudy division of Batticaloa district in the Eastern province of Sri Lanka. It was established on 11.06.2003 under the basis of various social and religious goals. Thereafter it was enacted by the Parliament of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka under the Incorporation Act No. 46 of 2009. Alhaj Abdul Jawaadh Alim Waliyyullah Trust is called as AJAWT in abbreviation. 

This Incorporation was founded in the basis of achieving following general objectives.

1. To maintain and reconstruct the mosques, Qur’an Madarasas and Dargas which are vested in the
   Corporation and commence new Madrasas when necessary. 

2. To manage and maintain the Jamiathur Rabaniyyah Arabic College 

3. To train Moulavees in order to endow them with the good knowledge the Islamic religion. 

4. To organize and conduct seminars, workshops and spiritual training sessions for Moulavees. 

5. To upgrade spiritual development of persons of Islamic faith by the preaching of Islamic philosophy
   “Sufism” and by guiding them through the path of non-violence. 

6. To commemorate the Islamic religious leaders who rendered valuable service to Islam and to provide
    persons of Islamic faith with opportunities to study the lives of such great leaders. 

7. To offer alms to participants of commemorative ceremonies held in memory of Ajmeer Khwajah
   Mueenuddeen Chistee and other great Islamic leaders

8. To carry out programmes for the betterment and well being of children, youth and elders. 

9. To work in collaboration with other local and foreign organizations in providing vocational training for

The Institutions affiliated with Al Haj Abdul Jawaadh Alim Waliyullah Trust

Badhriyyah Jum’ah Mosque

Gareeb Nawaaz Foundation

Al Jamiathur Rabbaniyyah Arabic College

All Ceylon Islamic Spiritual Movement

Holy Quthbiyyah Association

Al Madhrasathur Rabbaniyyah Holy Qur’aan School

As Seyyed Muhsin Mowlana Holy Qur’aan School

Manbaul Khairath Mosque

Manbaul Khairath Holy Qur’aan School

Al Madhrasathur Rahmaniyyah Holy Qur’aan School

Al Madhrasathul Ibraheemiyyah Holy Qur’aan School